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Amazing Amdavad

Who we are

We started Amazing Amdavad in 2014 on social media with posting photos of Amdavad. People of Amdavad started loving us and made us to do more than we could expect. We pursued our Gujju culture on Social media and the result was surprising.

amazingamdavad.in website started by two Gujju brothers with the help of a few fashionable, creative and techie Gujju friends. It’s managed by people who born and brought up in Ahmedabad. We are Pakka (Pure) Amdavadis who love Garba, Kite Flying, Playing cricket on Streets, Speaking Gujarati all the time and many more. We cherish Spinning top (Bhamardo), Marble (Lakhoti) and Kick the Can (Ice Pice).

We’re Gujjus who believe in maximising fun along with fashion and Gujarati culture. At last, we’re proud Amdavadis.

We’re doing exactly what people want but not getting elsewhere. You’ll relate our collection easily with your spoken words & habits as we still spend most of the time chit chatting with friends.

Why Amazingamdavad.in born

This idea took place when we were watching content on t-shirts from North to South (Kashmir to Kanyakumari) but proper Gujju collection of cool graphic t-shirt was nowhere. At the same moment, we decided to fill this gap and here we are with unpredictable and cool gujarati caption tshirts. We amdavadis are different unlike others and that’s the catch which brings pure Gujju collection of tees for you. We Gujjus are energetic, enthusiasts, excited, fun loving and cheerful but it has never reflected on t-shirts until we brought such unpredictable gujju caption t-shirts collection. We Gujjus celebrate festivals and events with zeal. Moreover, we are food lovers. We enjoy shopping and pulling leg. All this excitement and cheerfulness will reflect in our cool t-shirts collection for men & women.

If you’re looking for cool Gujju t-shirts collection which reflects your locality and make you talk of the town, you’re at the right place.

Let’s embrace the gujju culture with the amazing funky t-shirts to flaunt the Gujju in you. You can visit our website and buy online these cool caption tees for you or for your loved ones.

All you need to do is just select your favourite designer tshirt and buy it. And, you’re done with the awesome buying experience as we’ve 7 days return policy and Cash On Delivery for most of the products.